Gbejniet Tal-filfel ta’ Ghawdex


A twist on your traditional style of Ġbejna and offering a bit more heat then that boring black pepper taste. A local Gozitan ġbejna made with two types of milk such as Goats and Sheep’s milk creating that perfect mixture of creaminess! Using the famous Ġbejna Moxxa (niexfa, bajda or t’Ghawdex) meaning dried fresh ġbejna straight from Gozo!! A oil and vinegar combination along with our homemade dehydrated seasonings such as oregano, thyme and basil in combination with some of our dehydrated Blazin Buffalo chilli seasoning! A fully local produced Gozitan product!!



  • 7-8 Dried Cheeselets
  • Keep Refridgerated
  • Last up to 9 months in the fridge


Gbejna is a small cheeselet produced from sheep or goat milk, rennet, and salt. The cheese can be prepared in numerous ways salted, peppered, pickled, covered in herbs, or plain. It is believed that Ġbejna was originally prepared with seawater instead of rennet as a curdling agent.


Ġbejniet are prepared and served in a variety of forms: fresh , sundried, salt cured, or peppered. The fresh variety have a smooth texture and a milky flavour and are kept in their own whey in a similar manner to mozzarella. The sundried variety have a more definite, nutty almost musky taste, and are fairly hard. The peppered variety are covered in crushed black pepper and cured, after which they may be stored in oil or pickled in vinegar. Their sharp taste becomes more piquant the more they age, and they also develop a crumbly texture.