Now o Clock Matcha Green Tea


What is Yoko?

Yoko is the traditional Japanese art of drinking green herbal matcha tea rendered in a new form. Yoko contains natural caffeine and is a refreshing excellent alternative to coffee. Yoko contains 3 elements which is water, matcha and unrefined sugar, a simple yet delicious drink and also super healthy! Matcha may help you manage your weight, think more clearly, and reduce disease risk because of the antioxidant content.



  • 330 ml Glass Bottle
  • Served chilled
  • Consume after opening




Stefania, the creator and owner of Now o Clock, is super passionate about health, diet and herbs. She has long believed in the power of  fermented food to nourish our bodies, energize our souls and provide healing medicine. Eager to share the benefits of Kombucha probiotic drink with consumers, she creates her business to positively impact people’s lives, help their gut and bring a refreshing local drink made with only organic and raw ingredients