Dehydrated Chilli Seasoning


 We would like to consider this to be more of a seasoning then a spice. The deep hints of vinegar and tang of the peppers make a lovely additive to a rub to give it more heat and to intensify flavor a bit more!

** Please note that there are 3 different spices available: Blazin Buffalo, Canadian Chipotle, Yellow Mellow   **


  • 40 grams
  • Consume within 3 years
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In our Ferment Island kitchen we don’t like to waste anything!! So from the residual leftovers of our hot sauces blends, we get a pulp which we then dehydrate to create a lovely seasoning that can be flavored with anything. A couple ways to use the seasoning is to add some to oil to create your own Piri Piri Chicken, a sprinkle on your fries, or add to anything you want to give you more heat when cooking in your very own kitchen!

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Blazin Buffalo, Canadian Chipotle, Yellow Mellow