Taco Sauce Hot Sauce


A new Hot sauce just in time for those summer bbqs! A all around sauce , a condiment that you can basically add to anything, but the name does speak for itself….TACOS!! A local green serrano chilli blended with limes onions and that perfect taco additive cilantro. A all around balanced sauce that offers just the rite amount of punch! As they would say in Mexico..PRUEBA MI SALSA PICANTE

Lacto fermented hot sauce made with a variety of ingredients. Our lacto fermented hot sauce is aged for approximately one month to enhance every flavour to your liking! All our sauces are home made and done with care in a sanitary environment. Our lacto fermented hot sauces are all gluten free and vegan friendly!


100 ml bottle

Refrigerate after opening

Lasts up to 6 months in the fridge