Maltese Falcon Hot Sauce


A local made product using nothing but Gozitan delicacies in this hot sauce. A Carolina reaper based hot sauce making this our spiciest hot sauce we ever created! Super flavorful with hints of parsley and sourness from the lime juice which really balances out the heat! Loaded with local sundried tomatoes offering a salty approach making this hot sauce A BOMB TO NOT BE PLAYED WITH ! USE WITH CAUTION.


  • 100 ml Bottle
  • Refrigerate after opening
  • Consume within 1 year after opening
  • Heat Level- Inferno XXX Heat Level



Carolina reapers, Red cayenne peppers, ginger, cherry tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, green onions, parsley, lime juice, white wine vinegar, pink salt, white pepper



Lacto fermented hot sauce made with a variety of ingredients. Our fermented hot sauce is aged for approximately one month to enhance every flavor to your liking! All our sauces are home made and done with care in a sanitary environment. Our fermented hot sauces are all gluten free and vegan friendly!