Canadian Chipotle Hot Sauce


A smoked birds eye chili pepper hot sauce that is sure to pack a punch! Local peppers which are smoked in a oak wood for a total of 8 hours. The chilis are then added to a ferment that has papaya and bunch of other flavors! A very unique hot sauce and something that is a must need in any smoked meat lovers pantry! Smoked paprika and cumin notes to add to a nice plate of BBQ is sure to hit the spot! One of our more hotter sauces and by far the most exclusive due to the limited batch’s!



  • 100 ml bottle
  • Refrigerate after opening
  • Consume with in 1 year after opening
  • Heat Rating- Smokey Hot Heat Level



Red serrano peppers, Smoked birds eye chilies, Tomatoes, Red bell peppers, Local garlic cloves, Lemon juice, Papaya, Ground cumin, Smoked paprika powder, Ground cayenne pepper, White distilled vinegar, Distilled water, Pink sea salt, Crushed black pepper



Lacto fermented hot sauce made with variety of ingredients. Our fermented hot sauce is aged for approximately one month to enhance every flavor to your liking! All our sauces are home made and done with care in a sanitary environment. Our fermented hot sauces are all gluten free and vegan friendly