Blazin Buffalo Hot Sauce


Blazin buffalo hot sauce has been around for 50 plus years! Originally buffalo sauce was a cayenne pepper base which we source local and in our very own backyard. Buffalo wings was originally invented in buffalo by a bar called anchor bar, traditionally used on chicken wings but all our sauces can be used in a variety of options! Buffalo chicken wings have been around in my household for many years and still eating delicious crispy Buffalo wings as much as I can!!!!

The Blazin Buffalo hot sauce we create has a bit of a different more intense flavor. A sauce, not to hot, which consists of garlic and chilies that are fermented. Our onion flavor is added after upon blend after we dehydrate the skins of the onion to create a sustainable product and the smoky flavor of the onion peels are incredible.


  • 100 ml Bottle
  • Refrigerate after opening
  • Consume within 1 year after opening
  • Heat Rating- Mild/Medium Heat



Red cayenne peppers, Local garlic cloves, Onion powder, Distilled white vinegar, Filtered water, Pink Himalayan sea salt, Crushed black pepper



Lacto fermented hot sauce made with a variety of ingredients. Our fermented hot sauce is aged for approximately one month to enhance every flavor to your liking! All our sauces are home made and done with care in a sanitary environment. Our fermented hot sauces are all gluten free and vegan friendly!